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Get your vaccinations


The flu vaccination is safe and effective and is offered free every year to people who are most likely to get seriously ill if they get flu. The best time to get your flu vaccination is in the autumn, but you can get it later. 

You can have the NHS flu vaccine at: 

  • Your GP surgery
  • Community pharmacies (if 18 or over)
  • Some maternity services, if you are pregnant
  • When you attend a hospital appointment you may be offered one 

Wherever you have it, you don’t need to inform your GP surgery, this will be done for you. If you have had a jab privately or through an occupational scheme, you can ask your GP to update your records. 

More information about the vaccination and who is eligible for a free NHS jab, visit here



Getting vaccinated protects yourself, your family, friends and loved ones and is our best defence against the Covid-19. The effectiveness of the vaccine wears off after time which is why those people most at risk of getting seriously ill from Covid-19 are offered boosters. 

Find out more here.