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Empowering you to discuss your life choices.

Having discussions with loved ones about your wishes, should you be suddenly taken ill, injured or at the end of life, are not easy conversations to have. Whether you are having this discussion due to a terminal diagnosis or just because you want your loved ones to be better prepared, we can help.

Life has a tendency to throw the unknown at us and we may suddenly be faced with a situation which could mean that we or our loved ones are not able to communicate their or our wishes of how we wish to be treated if receiving medical care.

We can help you prepare – how to talk about it, plan for it, and record your wishes with some useful resources available online.

There are online materials and packs available that can offer a range of advice and guidance to support discussions and help you plan – it is important your wishes are written but this doesn’t need to be costly or require legal input.

There are also online materials / packs available that offer a range of advice and guidance as linked below.


There are several charities who can support these discussions and help you plan and prepare as listed below:

Compassion in Dying
Free information line: 0800 999 2434


Macmillan Cancer
Free support line: 0800 808 00 00