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How will I be referred to a CDC?

You may be referred for a diagnostic test or procedure by your GP or by a specialist as part of an outpatient appointment. Your GP or specialist will be aware of how to refer you.


Can I choose which CDC I attend?

Where you will be able to have your diagnostic tests done will depend on the type of test and your individual circumstances. Patient choice is supported as much as is clinically possible.

Find out how the ICS is supporting personalise care


What procedures can I have done at CDCs?

All CDCs offer a range of diagnostics. Which specific tests are offered depends on the type/size of CDC. There may be times when a diagnostic test is available at a CDC but it isn’t safe or clinically appropriate for a patient based on their individual circumstances or needs. 


How will this benefit the overall health system?

The services offered at CDCs will be separate to urgent diagnostic test facilities. This reduces the number of hospital visits and reduces waiting times for patients by diverting people away from hospitals – so hospitals can focus on treating urgent patients while the diagnostic centres focus on tackling the backlog for tests and checks. Services separate to urgent, emergency diagnostic facilities mean a reduced risk of cancellation which can happen when more urgent cases take priority

CDCs provide extra diagnostic capacity to help faster diagnosis of suspected cancers and reduce wait times for routine tests

CDCs provide an opportunity for patients who need multiple tests to have them in a single appointment wherever possible. This reduces the administrative burden of booking multiple appointments and means patients have to make fewer journeys. This opportunity to develop ‘one-stop’ services benefits patients and the overall health system. 

Supports the ongoing delivery of diagnostics in the event of a future pandemic.