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Making a difference through funded projects

NHS England allocate an amount of funding to every ICB to tackle healthcare inequalities. For Coventry and Warwickshire, this was £3.54m in 2022/23 and a further £3.63 in 2023/24. This allocation will recur each year as part of the ICB’s baseline funding.

In Coventry & Warwickshire we have taken the decision to use the funding to support a number of projects across the system that will trial new ways of working and provide evidence as to the value of different approaches in reducing inequalities. From 2022 onwards, partners across the system are invited to submit proposals for projects which would tackle healthcare inequalities. These proposals are reviewed by an Investment Panel currently held quarterly, with recommendations being made to the ICB Executive Group for the final decision. 

To date, 29 projects have been allocated innovation funding, aligned with the Core20Plus5 priorities. Each of the projects are at different stages of development, with some already delivering programmes of activity and gathering learning, to some in the initial stages of setup. As they progress, information about each of them will be included on these pages. 

Our approach for allocation of the health inequalities funding is changing and will be more aligned to each of the four Places. When the new funding process is finalised, information will be available on the Health Inequalities Innovation Fund.