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Our Trusts have made considerable progress along their Net Zero journeys over the years. The challenge now is to set a long-term vision for sustainability within the Integrated Care System (ICS) and define the actions that the ICS and our stakeholders will take to achieve it. 

The end goal of the NHS Green Plans is to reach Net Zero by 2045. This plan will take us through the next three years. 

As the ICS develops and matures as an organisation, it will be possible to further develop our longer-term strategy and vision for 2045.


Key points

  • Reduced emissions known to prevent long term conditions (LTC) such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Supports improved patient outcomes through prevention methods linked to more sustainable solutions.
  • Primary care networks (PCN) led sustainability plans and delivery.
  • Supporting effective sustainable working environments and housing infrastructure for our workforce.
  • Listen, engage and share learning.
  • Investing in the right sustainable solutions to support our future services effectively.


Click below to find out more about some of the green initiatives we're taking part in as an ICS.

Offer our staff the opportunity to become green champions to assist us in idea generation, communication of effective sustainability opportunities and to champion the delivery of the Green Programme.

Encourage our staff to make green pledges such as car sharing to work towards reducing our organisation’s environmental footprint across all areas of our operations, whilst working hard to provide sustainable services for the present and future generations.

Provide our staff with access to a lease car scheme via NHS Fleet Solutions, allowing them to lease a brand-new electric or hybrid car via salary sacrifice.