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Population Health Management

Empowering everyone to live well through joined-up, proactive, data driven health and care

There are many reasons why we become unwell. A prescription from a GP can be the answer to a problem, but sometimes there are other factors at play – it might be a matter of where someone lives, the work they are doing or their educational experience, their lifestyle and health behaviours, or their experience of the health and care system.

We want everyone in Coventry and Warwickshire to have equal opportunities to live and enjoy the best, healthiest life they can. To work towards this, our region’s health and care organisations – including the NHS, our Local Authorities and voluntary organisations - have been working together to change the way we understand and respond to our population’s needs, and to change how we manage our resources to better support people. This is ‘Population Health Management’.

The King’s Fund is a useful resource if you’d like to find out more about population health management, particularly this animation.


Patient feedback survey 

Over the past few months, we have been sharing information with the public about Population Health Management and how data is being used. We want to understand the impact of this communication and provide an opportunity for feedback.

Share your views about this new approach to improving healthcare by completing this short survey.