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What data will be available and who will be able to see it?

We have brought together information from GPs, hospitals, health and social care, mental health and ambulance and NHS 999 and provided a view to these same organisations, allowing them to see important care information they previously had to request and wait for. We are continuing to develop the ICR, allowing professionals across more health and social care settings to see information needed to support your care. We are also helping services understand and find the best ways to meet people’s care needs.

Having access to this information helps them provide you with the best care as quickly as possible without having to make phone calls or wait for details to be forwarded by fax or email.

There are strict rules about how we use your information and, as part of this work, we will continue to ensure it is managed and viewed appropriately and in line with all legal requirements. These include UK Data Protection legislation (DPA 2018 and superseding legislation). All access will also be subject to audit.