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Important information about treatments for Covid

Access to treatment changed from 27th June 2023.

These treatments can reduce the chance of patients getting seriously ill from Covid and need to be given quickly after symptoms first start. Most of these treatments are recommended to be taken within 5 days of onset of symptoms.


Experiencing Covid from Tuesday 27 June 2023

Patients should contact their GP practice, NHS 111 or hospital specialist as soon as possible after they test positive so that the relevant healthcare professional can consider referral for an assessment for treatment. 

Patients will no longer be automatically contacted by the NHS about treatments after reporting a positive Covid test result.

Please see Q & A document under ‘additional information’ for further detail.


Who is eligible for treatment?

The NHS offers treatment to people with COVID-19 who are at the highest risk of becoming seriously ill.
Please see Treatments for COVID-19 for further information.

1. Keep lateral flow tests at home 

Patients eligible for COVID-19 treatment, should keep rapid lateral flow tests at home.

Free rapid lateral flow test kits can be picked up from a participating local pharmacy (for patients eligible for COVID treatment).

Find a pharmacy that offers free COVID-19 rapid lateral flow tests here.

The pharmacy may ask questions about medical history to confirm eligibility for free tests.

See the following link (under section 1) for further information: Treatments for COVID-19 - NHS

2. Take a test if you have Covid symptoms 

If patients have Covid symptoms, they should take a test immediately, even if symptoms are mild. 

If the test is negative but symptoms continue, then patients should take another test on each of the next two days (three tests in total over three days). 

3. Self-referral

If eligible patients test positive for Covid, they should refer themselves into the Respiratory@Home service, who are responsible for the community based Covid Medicines Delivery Unit (CMDU), using the self-referral form.


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