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Learning Disability and Autism Collaborative


The LDA Collaborative comprises Executive/Director level representation from:
Coventry & Warwickshire ICB;
Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust;
Coventry City Council;
Warwickshire County Council;
NHS England (Midlands Region);
Experts By Experience (Co-chair);
Expert by Experience Support Organisation (Grapevine);
Reach Out Provider Collaborative.  
Meetings are jointly chaired the ICB CEO and the CWPT CEO, and co-chaired by an Expert by Experience.


The LDA Collaborative provides a space to have joint and collective oversight and responsibility of achieving our shared system objectives for autistic people and people with a learning disability.

  • The purpose of the LDA Collaborative is to: “…ensure people with a learning disability and autistic people of all ages are equal citizens in their communities, in their own home, with the right health and social care support to meet their needs, and, for children and young people, access to education.”
  • The LDA Collaborative will have oversight of key LDA Programme meetings, including the Autism Partnership Board, Working Together in Partnership for Learning Disabilities Board, the LDA Operational Steering Group and the LDA Health Inequalities Steering Group, and of the work undertaken by these groups.


Key Sections of this plan relevant to the Collaborative

Improving Access to Services – Learning Disabilities and Autism

Improving Access to Services – Mental Health

Collaboration and Integration

Engaging and Involving People

Health Inequalities

Personalised Care




Initial Priorities

Joint oversight and responsibility for the system’s 2023 – 2024 LDA Operational Plan, the Coventry & Warwickshire Joint Strategy for Autistic People 2021-2026, as well as oversight of the implementation of national polices and guidance across the system, such as Building the Right Support Action Plan (July 2022) and Dynamic Support Register and Care (Education) and Treatment Review Policy and Guidance (January 2023).

To ensure that all workstreams under the LDA Collaborative have citizens at their heart, are co-produced, and are informed by people’s lived experiences.

To provide a forum for oversight of system finance and costs relating to LDA, and to develop understanding of the total system financial investment in LDA.

Shared ownership of local issues and system level LDA programme risks, and a shared drive and commitment to create joined up solutions.

Collaborative approach to commissioning and planning, enabling early liaison with representatives from partner organisations and experts by experience

A dedicated space for all stakeholders to engage in discussions that are critical to Building the Right Support across Coventry and Warwickshire, and to reduce reliance on inpatient care.

To set the strategic direction and operational priorities, and oversee strategic and operational delivery of agreed priorities across health and social care for LDA.