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Clinical and Care Professional Leadership

What are our overall aims by 2028?

Clinical and care professional leaders are integrated into our system and organisational decision making at all levels to maximise the outcomes for patients, organisations and staff.  Leaders are supported with sufficient time, resources and infrastructure to carry out this work.

A proactive system of clinical quality and safety assurance and improvement is embedded across our system and within individual partner organisations.  This will include the wide spread use of shared learning, clinical collaboration and innovation to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

There is a well-established system of clinical governance at every level of our system and in every organisation.

Recruitment to clinical and care leadership programmes and positions is transparent and inclusive to ensure a professionally and demographically diverse workforce. Our system offers a range of high quality clinical leadership development opportunities and support offers, which are easily accessible and ensure that staff are developed and part of a pipeline of clinical and care leadership talent.

Flourishing Expert Advisory Groups and Clinical Networks drive change and improvement for their respective areas of interest and expertise.


What’s our starting point?

Our local Clinical and Care Professional Leadership (CCPL) Framework incorporates the five principles of CCPL set out in national guidance and identifies seven workstreams that represent our CCPL Programme. We have recently secured Project Management resource to support the CCPL Programme. 

We have established the Clinical Executive Group as the system lead group for CCPL governance and the System Quality Group as the system lead group for quality and safety.  There are a small number of shared learning and collaboration groups already in place, notably the Local Maternity and Neonatal Services Group.  There are several existing Expert Advisory Groups and Clinical Networks in the system; however, currently these are not co-ordinated or consistent.

We have mapped the various different Leadership Development Programmes across our system.  We will work with one of our Universities to develop a system Leadership Development Programme. 


What are some of the key links to other parts of the plan?

Quality – clinical and care professionals across our system will play a key role in ensuring that care is high quality and that any risks to this are identified and managed effectively.

Research and Innovation – working with local academia, we will develop, evidence and research effective actions for clinical leadership development.

Research and Innovation – clinical leadership will be fundamental in enabling the development of a culture of innovation readiness across of our system.

Data, Digital and Technology – looking at how we can use data and digital technology to empower clinical and care leaders will be an area of focus.

Health Inequalities– the role of clinical leaders in advocating work to identify and address health inequalities impacting their services will be critical.


What will we be focusing on in the next 2 years?

Philosophy of Care (PoC)
Developing a widely understood and agreed PoC across the system as the basis for the development of a new Coventry and Warwickshire ICS Clinical Strategy.

Developing the new ICS Clinical Strategy.

Clinical Governance
Developing the Clinical Executive Group to co-ordinate the most senior Clinical Leaders in the system to allow system level clinical discussions.

Establishing a Clinical and Care Forum to act as the central source of clinical opinion and advice in the system, ensuring that the membership comprises broad and multidisciplinary representation.

Mapping and co-ordinating the clinical and care leadership within the system.
Identifying Chief Speciality Leads and Clinical Leads for our priority areas identified in this plan.

Clinical Networking
Identifying existing Expert Advisory Groups, Clinical Networks and Communities of Practice across the system and mapping these to support straightforward access to clinical and care expertise.

Encouraging the development and/or creation of Expert Advisory Groups across the system linked to priority areas.

Shared Learning and Collaboration
Developing more system wide shared learning and collaboration groups to improve patient care.
Developing routes for sharing innovation, best practice and lessons learnt widely and easily across the system.

Leadership Development
Mapping the existing leadership development opportunities and budgets in the system and making these available in an easily accessible way to all our clinical staff to build a pipeline of clinical leaders for the future.

Developing a System Clinical Leadership Development Programme with a particular focus on leaders working at Place level.

Working with the ICB People Function to inform workforce planning, recruitment and retention and to ensure that recruitment to our clinical leadership positions is transparent and inclusive.

Communication and Engagement
Developing a well recognised and well functioning CCPL website that will host a range of information, resources and contact information.

Holding a system launch event for the CCPL Programme and engaging as many existing forums as possible to communicate and explain the importance of CCPL.

Establishing a system of two way communication through which clinical and care professionals are informed of developments and can contribute views and influence decision making about clinical services. 

Quality and Safety
Developing systems for clinical quality and safety assurance at organisational level that can be aggregated at system level to improve shared learning.

Key Challenges

Creating widespread understanding that CCPL is not just a leadership development programme, it is the basis on which ICSs are founded and involves the widespread involvement of clinical leaders in the core decision making of our system.

Maintaining consistent engagement across all organisations.

Ensuring clinicians are given the necessary time and resources to dedicate themselves to leadership, especially when clinical and/or organisational pressures exist.


Key Metrics and Deliverables

By the end of quarter 1 of 2023/24:
- First meeting of Clinical and Care Forum held;
- CCPL website launched;
- CCPL Programme launch event held;
- Leadership development programmes/opportunities mapped;
- Existing Expert Advisory Groups and Clinical Networks mapped.

By the end of 2023/24:
- ICS Clinical Strategy completed and in place;
- A growing number of shared learning and collaboration groups in place;
- Organisational and Place based Clinical Quality and Safety Groups starting to aggregate at system level to allow a system view to emerge; 
- Clinical Executive Group and Clinical and Care Forum well established and leading clinical governance in the system;
- A number of System Clinical Leadership Fellows in place and leading priority areas;
- A growing number of Expert Advisory Groups and Clinical Networks will be in development;
- Leadership development programmes/opportunities have been collated and are easily accessible;
- System Clinical Leadership Development Programme established with a particular focus on leaders working at Place level;
- Recruitment to leadership positions is through a transparent and inclusive process;
- CCPL Annual Report completed;
- This plan will be updated to reflect new ICS Clinical Strategy by end of March 2024.