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Coventry Place


Improving Lives

Through this project… 

The Improving Lives Programme is bringing partners together to implement an integrated model that focuses on delivering more effective care and improving outcomes for people who require hospital or alternative care. Three sub-programmes have been established; Interfaces, Hospital Processes at UHCW and One Coventry Integrated Team. Delivering the Programme is an identified priority within the Supporting People at Home section of the plan.

The impact will be… 

To deliver the most independent outcomes and help more people live at home.

To collaborate and develop integration with partners to deliver simple and more effective care for people.


Through this project… 

Low back pain project in UHCW which includes piloting the development of a new multi disciplinary team (MDT) triage approach and a patient involvement project. 

The impact will be… 

Training a team of advanced physiotherapists to support evaluation and the implementation of Population Health Management in Coventry Place. 

The development and implementation of a new MDT triage and a new clinical pathway for chronic pain and fibromyalgia.


Community Diagnostic Hub

Through this project…

We will procure and implement a Community Diagnostic Hub at the Paybody Building in Coventry City Centre.

This will involve the development of new clinical pathways and operational procedures, workforce mapping and recruitment, procurement of CDH related equipment and the design and development of the new centre.

The programme will work with ICS partners to maximise capacity at the CDH site and consider new digital technology for all patient groups with an interface to the Electronic Patient Record.

The impact will be… 

100% of the Coventry population will be able to access the site with its central location, therefore improving access and convenience from the main UHCW site, and reducing ‘Did Not Attend’ rates.