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proactive and preventative

Using technology to improve health & care

We want to use new advances in technology to improve health and care. This includes supporting a single electronic care record and providing people with digital access to advice and support. Below are some of our recent projects.

Case Study – Using new technology to support patients with Covid-19 to remain safe at home

Research has shown that patients most at risk of becoming very unwell from coronavirus are best identified by their oxygen levels. To support patients with Covid-19 to remain in their homes while still being safely monitored, the Partnership worked collaboratively across GPs, hospitals, ICBs (Coventry & Rugby, Warwickshire North & South Warwickshire) and NHS volunteers to provide the ‘Covid Oximetry at Home Service’. The services are being delivered by South Warwickshire Federation and GP Alliance across Coventry and Warwickshire.

This self-monitoring model is part of a range of technology initiatives being developed by the NHS to provide better connected and more personalised care in people’s homes.

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