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proactive and preventative

Tackling underlying causes of illness


Compassionate Communities Story Circles

Many people live with feelings of loneliness and don’t feel they belong to a community, however during the pandemic, there has been a strong positive response from communities which has helped bring people together.
Many people reached out to support each other, often connecting with their neighbours for the first time. Compassionate Communities appeals to this same spirit and hopes to build authentic, fulfilling conversations to ensure that people from all parts of the community, young and old,  can continue supporting each other.

We aim to provide an opportunity for people to have a voice, telling their story of life through COVID and how this has affected them positively and negatively. It also provides those participating the opportunity to express their hopes and aspirations for the future.

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Working together to increase life expectancy

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on health inequalities; the Marmot Partnership Group led on work to tackle increasing gaps in health outcomes.
They developed a ‘Call to Action’, which brought together input from all parts of the system – public, private and voluntary organisations. It recognised that there could be a significant impact on increasing life expectancy if everyone made a small difference.
The programme has just started but it will be a system-wide challenge to all businesses and organisations to take one or two actions which will benefit their workforce and the local community.

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