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proactive and preventative

Help the NHS support broader social and economic development

As an Integrated Care System we want to adopt a population health approach which is sustainably led and supports inclusive growth. Below you can find some of the work that has been happening to support this aim.


Compassionate Communities Story Circles

Many people live with feelings of loneliness and don’t feel they belong to a community, however during the pandemic, there has been a strong positive response from communities which has helped bring people together.
Many people reached out to support each other, often connecting with their neighbours for the first time. Compassionate Communities appeals to this same spirit and hopes to build authentic, fulfilling conversations to ensure that people from all parts of the community, young and old,  can continue supporting each other.

We aim to provide an opportunity for people to have a voice, telling their story of life through COVID and how this has affected them positively and negatively. It also provides those participating the opportunity to express their hopes and aspirations for the future.

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Sourcing second-hand laptops to help Afghan refugees resettle in the community

The change of regime in Afghanistan caused many people to flee the country and arrive in the UK as refugees, including here in Coventry and Warwickshire. In order to support these refugees to settle in the community Warwickshire County Council worked with housing partners to identify long term accommodation for over 80 adults and children. Whilst this work was undertaken, it become apparent the refugees would benefit from being able to access resources via laptops, such as ESOL courses, homework and job searches.

They managed to source 20 laptops for the refugee families, and these proved invaluable in helping them settle in their new community and to start their new lives.

Supporting people to address the wider determinants of health, such as housing, employment and education, is a core aim of the ICS. This scheme is a prime example of how system partners can work together to look beyond merely treating conditions and can instead look to address and prevent the root causes of ill health in our local population.

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