proactive and preventative

Keeping people well


We want to enable everyone to keep well by making healthy choices and providing services that help prevent illness, promote wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. Below you can find some of the work that has been happening to support this aim.

Case study - Supporting surge vaccination in Nuneaton

The vaccination programme is delivered through the collaboration of all partners across the whole of the Integrated Care System. 

When cases of a new variant of COVID -19 were found in Nuneaton, the vaccination programme was stepped up in co-ordination with community testing. Local GPs, the George Eliot Hospital and Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust come together to help ramp up vaccination in the community. Using a “vaccination ambulance” we were able to take the jab directly to the wards where we knew the variant was spreading, supporting greater uptake and preventing further spread of the virus.

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Working together to deliver endoscopy services

The need to respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic meant that many services had to be paused during the first wave of the pandemic. Although staff worked hard to restore services, the pandemic has resulted in increased waiting lists of patients needing care, as well as reduced capacity to deliver services, as we adhere to new infection control measures to keep both staff and patients safe.

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Case study – Working together to increase life expectancy

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on health inequalities; the Marmot Partnership Group led on work to tackle increasing gaps in health outcomes.
They developed a ‘Call to Action’, which brought together input from all parts of the system – public, private and voluntary organisations. It recognised that there could be a significant impact on increasing life expectancy if everyone made a small difference.
The programme has just started but it will be a system-wide challenge to all businesses and organisations to take one or two actions which will benefit their workforce and the local community.

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Case study - Covid vaccination programme community engagement across Coventry and Warwickshire

Health Care Partners across the system recognised the need to ensure that accurate vaccination information was available to seldom heard groups. Data showed that some groups and individuals were more disadvantaged or subject to the most harm from the pandemic.  It was crucial to reach out to our wider community and make sure that they had the facts available to make their own decisions about the benefits of getting the vaccination. 

The Integrated Care System partners in Coventry and Warwickshire have been involving local communities and reaching out to seldom heard and vulnerable groups through many channels and approaches. 

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Case study – Supporting the community with mental health Safe Havens

Mental health and emotional wellbeing are really important factors in keeping people well but for those struggling with their mental health, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to turn. Poor mental health can touch people at any time, but many have experienced anxiety and low mood these past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. 

Although there are mental health services in Coventry and Warwickshire, people needing urgent support may not know where to access services out-of-hours during evenings and weekends.

By introducing Safe Havens in Coventry and Warwickshire, individuals who are, or could be at risk of, developing a mental health crisis but who do not require a specialist clinical intervention have a safe place to get the help they need.

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