proactive and preventative

Proactive and Preventative

COVID-19 and Physical Health

Warwickshire local authorities have developed physical health information packs which have up to date information about how to proactively look after your physical health.

For the Warwickshire Physical Health pack, click here 


People are living longer on average but are spending more years in ill health. We want to help all our communities to stay well for longer.


What do we want to do?

We all need to do more to look after our own health and wellbeing so that we depend less on our local health and social care services, while knowing they are there when we need them.

This is why we are asking everyone who lives or works in Coventry and Warwickshire to play their part in improving health and wellbeing. Doing more to help people stay well will help us all to enjoy happier and healthier lives, as well as reducing pressure on our services.



What have we done so far?

The Health and Wellbeing Boards of Coventry and Warwickshire – whose membership includes the areas’ councils, clinical commissioning groups, NHS Trusts, voluntary and patient associations, emergency services and others – have come together as the Place Forum.

The Place Forum is working to put the interests of local people above those of individual organisations, streamline decision-making and create a health and wellbeing system that is easy to understand. Prevention will be at the centre of all work programmes.

Our ‘Year of Wellbeing’ across Coventry and Warwickshire throughout 2019 celebrated local activity that promotes wellbeing and healthy living.

An NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is being rolled out across Coventry and Warwickshire for people identified as at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

An Out of Hospital Programme is now in place across Coventry and Warwickshire. Services covered include occupational therapy, community emergency response teams, dietetics, specialist palliative care community nursing, physiotherapy and podiatry.

We are piloting nutrition and hydration training for care home staff in Coventry.

Social workers are being trained to help people in adult social care make positive changes to their lifestyles, so that they can live well and increase their independence.