A Series of Webinars about

Parent-Infant Mental Health in the first 1001 Days

The Coventry & Warwickshire Wellbeing in the 1001 Days steering group has organised six webinars to take place during 2021-22. 

We want to strengthen mental health and wellbeing support for parents and infants in the first 1001 critical days (from conception to 2 years of age). To do this, we need a network of well-informed multi-agency professionals, peer supporters and volunteers.

The below webinars are designed to build curiosity, knowledge, and confidence of those at the frontline to promote and support the mental wellbeing of families in the 1001 critical days.     

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Wellbeing in the 1001 Days steering group coordinator: Sophy Forman-Lynch - sophyforman-lynch@warwickshire.gov.uk

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Webinar topics Date and contacts Resources following webinar
Self-Care: Helping families develop coping strategies to improve their wellbeing in pregnancy and new parenthood
Brief description of the webinar content:
  • One mum’s experience of wellbeing in pregnancy
  • Recommendations from mums and volunteers for ‘what works’
  • List of coping strategies for professionals to take to parents
  • Guided mindfulness practice

Thursday 29th April
Time: 12:30 - 13:30
Length: 1 hour


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Presentation Slides 

Crib Sheet for Signposting to Organisations & Coping Strategies

To mark Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week:

Maternal Mental Health - Every Mum Counts: How to support the mums in your care!
A webinar for multi-agency professionals. This webinar is an informative look into how perinatal mental illness can manifest in the parents you support and how you can support them with recovery.
Tuesday 4th May
Time: 09:30 - 12:30
Length: 3 hours


Unfortunately, this webinar was not recorded.

Presentation Slides 

To mark Infant Mental Health Week:

Little ones: Supporting parents to nurture foetal and infant relationships
This webinar is designed for multiagency professionals to gain an understanding of the importance of early loving and responsive relationships between parents and babies through the first 1001 critical days.

Wednesday 9th June
Time: 09:00 - 11:00
Length: 2 hours


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Presentation by Stacey Latchford

Presentation by Natasha Grant

Presentation by James Norris

Presentation by Kristy CoenSmart & Kelly Palmer

Being Dad: The importance of helping dads and partners achieve good mental wellbeing in the first 1001 days.

This webinar is designed for multi-agency professionals. It will look at:
  • How many dads and partners experience mental health difficulties?
  • The experiences of these dads and partners.
  • How to meet the needs of dads and partners in the 1001 days?
Tuesday 15th June
Time: 09:30 - 12:30
Length: 3 hours


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Mark Williams – Fathers Reaching Out

To mark Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week:

Perinatal Mental Health Pathways: Signposting parents and professionals to appropriate services - from services for all, to intensive crisis support

  • Do you know what to do if a parent presents with perinatal mental health problems?
  • Do you know what’s available for these parents and their infants?   This webinar is designed for multi-agency professionals. It will use case study to guide you through the pathways for perinatal mental health support for parents and their infants.

Wednesday 13th October
Time: 12:00 – 13:30 
Length: 1 hour


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To mark Black History Month:
Falling through the net: Providing inclusive mental health care in the 1001 Days

A disproportionate number of maternal deaths across ethnicity and deprivation was highlighted in UK MBRRACE 2019 report.

This webinar is an opportunity to engage in an interactive dialogue on:
  • Inequities of mental wellbeing in different families and communities in the 1001 Days.
  • What this means for the life chances of these families?
  • How do we redress the balance?

Tuesday 19th October 
Time: 09:30 – 11:30 
Length: 2 hours 


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We are also delighted to announce the launch of Dadpad in September 2021.  
Dadpad is an evidence based app accessible to all fathers living in Warwickshire, Coventry & Solihull and is FREE of charge. It is designed to reduce your anxieties, create a strong bond and healthy attachment with your baby, build stronger family relationships, and helps you to recognise when you or your partner might need to get help for your mental health.  
Download the app here  

We held an event to launch Dadpad and you can view a recording of the event here.