What is an Maternity Voices Partnership?

Maternity Voices Partnerships, sometimes called MVPs, is a NHS working group made up of women and their families, midwives, doctors and other health professionals working together to review and contribute to the development of local maternity care.

It is part of a national initiative and helps ensure the views, experiences and ideas of local mums and mums-to-be contribute to the development of local maternity care.

All women, and partners too, within a local area should be able to participate in their Maternity Voices Partnership group. This is part of current national maternity policy.

Our focus is engaging with women and their families to learn about their experiences of maternity care in Coventry and Warwickshire. We collect feedback face to face, or in surveys and on social media. We will also visit local parent groups to hear views.

We invite feedback from service users and their families at any time, usually after they have had time to reflect on their experiences, recover from birth and adjust to life as a new parent. However, we will listen to feedback at any stage in pregnancy, or even before pregnancy.

The image below shows how the Maternity Voices Partnership feeds into Coventry and Warwickshire's Local Maternity System Board and also how local maternity engagement groups are involved.


Maternity voices partnership chart

Find out more about our three maternity engagement groups here.



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