Giving feedback

How to feedback on your maternity experience in Coventry and Warwickshire.

We are currently developing online survey forms that you can fill in telling us what was good, and what could have been better, and giving your ideas for improving care.


In the meantime, there are several options:

  • Talk to us: Maternity Voices Partnerships want to hear service user experiences, both good and bad. Mums and partners, you can come to our meetings and share your feedback, or contact us via email:
  • If you’re still receiving care: Speak to your caregiver directly about your concerns, this can often be the quickest and easiest way to help resolve issues​​.
  • When you’ve finished your care: If there are parts of your experience that are hazy, or you have concerns about, something that is troubling you after the birth, even a few months later this is a good first step. Speak to your midwife or contact the maternity department and ask for an appointment. A senior midwife will go through your notes with you and explain anything you’re unsure of or why something did/didn’t happen.
  • Service provider: You can share your views and feedback directly with the service provider which may be your GP practice or local hospital trust. Different organisations may have different ways of receiving and responding to feedback. Please check the provider's website for ways to feedback.
  • Healthwatch: We have two local Healthwatch organisations, one for Coventry and one for Warwickshire, you can tell them your views good or bad.
  • CQC Care Quality Commission: The Care Quality Commission is interested in hearing about good and bad experiences of maternity care in the NHS. You can send them a copy of any feedback you send to your service provider and you can also feed back to them separately if you wish. The information you give supports their monitoring, inspecting and rating of services.