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The NHS is expecting an extremely busy period over the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend and is encouraging anyone who needs non-urgent medical care to ‘think 111 Online first’ and use the NHS111 Online service:

NHS111 Online offers patients quick and easy advice on how to get the healthcare treatment they need, including arranging a call with a clinician or nurse, booking them an appointment in A&E or urgent treatment centre, or providing them with advice on how to manage their symptoms.

Dr Jonathan Menon, GP at Brookside Surgery in Coventry, said: “We are expecting NHS services across Coventry and Warwickshire to be extremely busy this Bank Holiday and we are encouraging anyone who needs non-urgent medical advice to think NHS111 Online first.

“NHS111 Online offers patients convenient healthcare advice and can arrange access to a range of NHS services, including urgent treatment centres, pharmacies or out-of-hours GPs. It also helps relieve the pressure from other frontline services and allows our hard-working staff to continue to care for the most seriously ill and injured patients.”

NHS111 Online is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even on bank holidays. The service could not be simpler to use, by answering a series of questions you can get instant advice on what to do next. You can access NHS11 Online by visiting NHS111 Online is not suitable for children under 5. can help you with:

  • where to get help for your symptoms, if you’re not sure what to do
  • how to find general health information and advice
  • where to get an emergency supply of your prescribed medicine
  • how to get a repeat prescription
  • get emergency dental appointments

You should still ring 999 if you experience:

  • signs of a heart attack like pain like a heavy weight in the centre of your chest
  • signs of stroke such as your face dropping on one side
  • difficulty breathing
  • heavy bleeding that won’t stop
  • seizures
  • or sudden and rapid swelling of the eyes, lips, throat or tongue

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