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The Met Office has issued a yellow cold weather health alert for snowfall for large parts of the UK, including the Midlands, into Friday 9th February. 

Cold weather brings with it an increase in health risks, especially in elderly people and people with long term conditions, but it can affect anyone. The combination of cold temperatures outdoors and indoor central heating alone can lead to problems such as seasonal asthma, more bouts of cold and flu, and flare ups of skin conditions. 

The NHS in Coventry and Warwickshire are therefore urging people to take extra care whilst it’s cold by following the usual steps:

  • Heating your home to at least 18C.
  • Ensure you have adequate food, medication, warm clothes.
  • Keep windows closed at night and avoid icy outdoor conditions wherever possible if you are at risk of illness and falls.
  • Check on neighbours, family, and friends to make sure they are safe and have everything they need.
  • Contact your local pharmacist, NHS 111 or your GP if you are feeling unwell. In an emergency dial 999.

For more information on staying healthy in the colder months, click here.

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