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The winter Covid booster programme came to an end on 12th February, meaning people in Coventry and Warwickshire can no longer access the seasonal booster.

As we move from a pandemic emergency response towards pandemic recovery, the third dose for people aged 16 to 49 years and who are not in a clinical risk group has now ended.

Plans are being made for those at higher risk of severe Covid-19 to be offered a booster vaccination this autumn (2023). A smaller group of people, such as those who are older and those who are immunosuppressed, will be offered an extra booster vaccine dose in the spring – further information about this will be provided soon.

This advice is under constant review and will be revised according to the latest data and evidence.

The NHS will continue to operate a smaller scale vaccine offer from mid-February onwards to ensure those eligible for first and second doses can still get their jabs.


For more information on how to get a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, please visit: http/

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