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People needing medical care across Coventry and Warwickshire are now able to get professional clinical advice and treatment at a place more convenient for them as part of an extended service agreement between community pharmacists and NHS England in the Midlands.

This agreement allows people to walk into their local participating pharmacy and seek advice and treatment from a qualified healthcare professional without an appointment or wait times.

The extended service covers a variety of minor illnesses including urinary tract infections (UTIs), skin infections including impetigo, infected eczema and infected insect bites.

Further training will see pharmacists able to treat otitis media in children aged from three months to 16 years. This is an infection in the middle ear and particularly common in young children.

Pharmacists are able to supply medicines to treat the conditions, or to recommend over the counter medicines. If people are exempt from paying for prescriptions, they won’t have to pay for medicines that would normally be prescribed by the GP.

Roz Lindridge, NHS England Regional Director for Commissioning said: “This is a massive step forward in making treatment more accessible for people in local surroundings and empowering pharmacists to offer clinical care to their communities.

“We have been delighted with the number of community pharmacists who have taken up the extended services agreement and who have completed at least two stages of the training. Pharmacists are already carrying out clinical checks such as blood pressure and vaccinations for flu and Covid-19. Further services are planned with pharmacists able to manage oral contraception for instance.”

Patients needing clinical advice can check if their local pharmacist is taking part at NHS England — Midlands » Pharmacies offering Extended Care Services.

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