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Dr Mike Caley, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, explains what the Clinical and Care Professional Leadership (CCPL) programme is, and what it means for Coventry and Warwickshire.

We know that organisations that have engaged and strong clinical leadership perform better in almost every way including better staff retention, better quality and safety outcomes and better outcomes for patients including lower patient mortality. That is why NHS England have introduced the Clinical and Care Professional Leadership national programme, to set the direction for improving and strengthening leadership from clinical and social care leaders throughout the health and social care system. 

Clinical Leadership is not a new concept, but the CCPL programme goes further than before; its focus is on how health and social care professionals engage at a System level across organisational boundaries and how we engage leaders in clinician-to-clinician discussions to put patients, not organisations, at the heart of what we do.  We are also working to establish clinical networks across the system to encourage clinicians to work collaboratively between organisations and review and plan services on a system wide basis rather than the traditional organisational footprint.  All our major transformation programmes have a named clinical lead and we have established funding for primary care clinicians to be involved in all our programmes to ensure the voice of general practice and primary care is well heard.

For a major part of the CCPL programme, we have partnered with Warwick Medical School to deliver a bespoke programme for clinicians and social care leaders in Coventry and Warwickshire. This programme is designed to engage them in the concept of System working and to give them the time and permission to develop these cross-organisational, cross-discipline discussions and explore how they can apply this to their own service.  We have also established a Clinical Executive Group, which brings the most senior clinicians from all organisations and parts of the system together, and the Clinical and Care Forum, which is a group of a diverse range of clinicians to give a broad and multi-disciplinary view on the most important system wide issues of the day.

Finally, we will be looking at how we develop our clinical and social care leaders now and in the future.  We hope to establish a Faculty of Clinical and Care Professional Leadership that will act as a driver and pipeline for developing our clinical leaders for the future and ensuring that opportunities for development are widely available and accessible to ensure that our leaders are professionally and demographically diverse.

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