Does your organisation offer opportunities for people if they are feeling lonely or isolated? Warwickshire County Council would like to hear your views. 

From our partner Warwickshire County Council:

Warwickshire County Council would like to know your views on support for people feeling lonely or socially isolated. We would like to know what your organisation already offers that someone might be able to take part in if they were feeling lonely or isolation. We would also be very interested to know if you have identified any gaps in support available and what the barriers around these gaps might be.

We will be using the information gathered to map existing support and to inform decision making around new support needed. All responses are anonymous, and any questions can be directed to Rachel Knight at rachelknight@warwickshire.gov.uk.

The survey is live now and the deadline for responses is Friday 6th August 2021. Please spare 5 minutes and help shape this exciting piece of work by filling in this survey