It’s official – one of our partner hospitals has one of the best Emergency Departments in the country!

And the achievement is even more impressive given that earlier in the year it was ranked one of the worst.

Official figures have revealed that the George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton has achieved a “dramatic turnaround” in ensuring patients are seen within the national four hour target.

Director of Operations Stephen Collman said: “The four hour target is a key measure of how our patients experience care in our Emergency Department and that’s why this achievement is so welcome. All Trusts have faced the same issues as George Eliot Hospital and we have excelled in achieving difficult targets.

“We are committed to keeping this up and making sure we maintain this performance into a challenging winter period in order to give our local community the care they want and deserve. We remain ready to serve our patients and urge them to seek treatment when they need it.”

The hospital says there were a number of factors that played a part in the success.

They included changes made to the way the department prioritises the four hour target by introducing a new command and control structure, resulting in clear accountability and action tracking.

Enhanced quality of care and improved flow within the hospital also contributed.

The impact of coronavirus and a short-term dip in the numbers through the A&E doors allowed staff to ensure the changes could be made and it led to the improved performance when attendance returned to pre-covid levels.