Alcohol awareness weekNational Alcohol Awareness week runs from November 11, and Warwickshire County Council is reminding residents of the effects of alcohol misuse, not just on yourself but also your loved ones. We want to let you know about the support available throughout Warwickshire for those who need more help.

Understanding your alcohol intake is important because too much alcohol can impact upon your health and increase your chances of developing diseases including; certain cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Drink Aware have launched a quiz where you can find out how many units you are consuming, which can be a good starting point to make changes:

Alcohol misuse can also impact those around you; loved ones may have concerns over your health and other members of the family, including children, can pick up and copy your habits.

Low risk drinking guidelines have been issued for all adults. Following these can help to reduce the impact of alcohol upon your health.

The Chief Medical Officer advises:

  • To keep health risks from alcohol to a low level it is safest not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis. For more information about unit levels in alcohol and safe drinking advice, visit
  • If you regularly drink as much as 14 units per week, it's best to spread your drinking evenly over three or more days.
  • The risk of developing health problems increases the more you drink on a regular basis
  • If you wish to cut down the amount you drink, a good way to help achieve this is to have several drink-free days a week


Shade Agboola, Director of Public Health at Warwickshire County Council said: “There is no safe level for consuming alcohol, however, if you adhere to the safe alcohol guidelines then you will remain in the low risk category for developing health risks. Reducing your alcohol intake can not only improve your health and wellbeing while also setting a strong example for those around you.

“For anyone who may need further help regarding their alcohol intake, Warwickshire Pathways is a key part of Warwickshire County Council’s commitment to keep all its residents healthy. The service works closely with service users, their families and key partners.”

Warwickshire Pathways is commissioned by WCC and delivered by specialist providers. The service is delivered in the following ways:

  • Children and Young Persons’ Drug and Alcohol Service provided by Compass
  • Adult Drug and Alcohol Service Provided by Change Grow Live (CGL)
  • 18-25 years transition service provided jointly by Compass and CGL


For more information about services in Warwickshire visit:



Press release from Warwickshire County Council.



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