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Transformation and Innovation

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the recovery and sustainability of services is critical for our population. The innovations prompted by Covid-19 show the potential for us to revolutionise and transform service delivery and there are huge opportunities for collaboration, enhanced integration and transformation in our system.

Our ongoing approach to transformation will play a key role in determining the extent to which we are able to meet our ICS aims and deliver on our priorities. Transformation will also be a significant determinant of how we innovate to support service recovery and help shift care to better and more efficient, sustainable models.

We have developed a Transformation Programme which will drive system-wide innovation to support clinical, operational, performance, and financial recovery. This Transformation Programme is part of the ICS’ six-point Financial Strategy and identifies a number of clinical and enabler work-streams that will: 

transform health and care services for the population of Coventry and Warwickshire to improve health outcomes and meet the needs of our population

evidence how the ICS will deliver its health and care aims and priorities

drive high quality and safe service delivery 

drive improved productivity and ensure the delivery of services that are efficient, affordable, convenient and offer high value.

Our key focus areas of activity are:

Whilst our system Transformation Programme will deliver the changes that we need to improve patient care in the long-term and develop new service models that better meet the future needs of our patients and communities, we also need to keep driving localised continuous improvement on a daily basis to ensure our patients receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. To achieve this, staff engagement and clinical and care leadership are key components to our transformation approach as are the continuous improvement methodologies adopted across the system. 

Our approach to innovation embraces research and the use of practice-based evidence, in assessing and identifying need and improving our understanding of how such need can be effectively met. Similarly, the adoption and spread of proven innovation, working closely with research, innovation and academic partners, supports us to drive transformation and best practice at scale and pace.