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Our system needs to be quality focused with a systemic oversight of quality for the population we serve, using a whole pathway approach to future proof prevention, selfcare, direct care and bedded care. 

Key areas of activity include: 

  • establishing a Quality Governance Framework which operates across the whole system, as the quality outcome of our provision is essential to understand and provide a base to improve from. This will be in line with the National Quality Boards (NQB) guidance and escalation levels 
  • embedding the new Patient Safety Strategy to ensure the move from serious incident management to the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and establish safe systems, structures and an escalation framework within which to operate across the whole system. The use of the DATIX incident reporting system where possible will be important to enhance system learning   
  • further strengthening the established safeguarding partnerships, by focussing on system wide working on safer communities and harder to reach communities     
  • triangulating quality improvement by establishing an approach which focuses on prevention, health inequalities and a reduction in unwarranted variation. This includes developing an approach that triangulates the wider determinants of health with quality, safety and effectiveness of services    
  • delivering the system Quality Strategy, ensuring involvement from broader health partners and developing empowered communities    
  • establishing a System Quality Group to work collaboratively across the system on continuous improvement, supporting system learning and development.