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Digital, Data and Technology and Population Health Management capability

Integrated digital, data and technology is a key enabler to proactive, seamless and person-centric care, and to the collective stewardship of public funding for health and care to meet the needs of the population. It is crucial to facilitating evidence-led decision-making in the commissioning, planning, design and delivery of care, with insights from data used to improve quality, efficiency, population health outcomes and to tackle health inequalities. 

Our Digital Transformation Strategy sets out an ambitious plan for digital integration aligned to the national ‘What Good Looks Like’ framework. We also have a Population Health Management (PHM) Roadmap, which sets out how we plan to spread, scale and sustain core PHM capabilities – around infrastructure, intelligence, interventions and incentives - across all levels of our system.  

Digital Transformation is using digital, data and technology to reimagine health and care delivery to improve our population’s wellness. To achieve this, we need to ensure this thinking is central to our decision making, transformation, resourcing and partnerships, and promote the continued development of our leadership, organisational cultures, people and processes to embrace the benefits of the digital age. 

Key areas of integration activity include: 

  • improving care: we are using new technology and innovative digital solutions to enhance services for patients and citizens through consistent digital front door and virtual health and care capabilities. This will facilitate more joined up and personalised care, and improve access and self-support. The expansion of digitally transformed care includes measures to ensure standards for safe care are maintained 
  • digital literacy: work to ensure that health and care services suit all literacy and digital inclusion needs, whilst working collaboratively across integrated care partners to build digital literacy that enables access to health and care services digitally where appropriate  
  • integrated records: we are building on our electronic patient care records initiatives, shared care record and platforms and services that support research and innovation across health and care providers in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Population Health Management infrastructure: implementation of a local PHM digital platform which will provide a near real-time linked dataset across all Coventry and Warwickshire ICS data systems and analytical tooling, enabling more targeted and proactive care to meet population health needs and address unwarranted variations in outcomes and experience 
  • supporting our people: we are working to ensure our workforce is digitally literate and equipped to work optimally with digital workforce tools 
  • digital and data infrastructure: working together to create digital, data and infrastructure operating environments that are reliable, modern, secure, sustainable and resilient. This includes ensuring robust digital assurance including information governance, cyber and clinical safety.