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Our strategy sets out bold ambitions for our Integrated Care System and the difference we can make by working together and leveraging the benefits of the new legislative framework for health and care. We expect it to underpin everything we do as an Integrated Care System and to drive change in: 

  • how, as partners, we relate to each other and to our communities 
  • the way we use our resources 
  • the design and delivery of our services  
  • how we plan and make decisions. 


Ultimately, we will see the impact of our strategy in improved population health outcomes, reduced health inequalities across Coventry and Warwickshire, and improved quality of health and care services for our population over the next five years and beyond. 

If we are successful, people in Coventry and Warwickshire will: 

  • be supported to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life, equipped with the knowledge and resources to prevent ill health and maintain their independence at home 
  • find it easier to access the health and care services they need wherever they live and will have more say over the services they receive and greater trust in their quality, effectiveness and safety; and 
  • receive appropriate and timely care when they need it, from skilled and valued staff.   

This strategy is informed by existing strategies and will inform future strategies and delivery plans across and within Coventry and Warwickshire health and care system; including the Integrated Health and Care Delivery Plan which must be in place by end of June 2023. The plan will provide the operational detail about how the strategy’s vision will be realised at an ICB level.  We expect to see a clear delivery plan for achievement of the outcomes we have identified for each of our priorities. 

For many of the areas of focus and enablers detailed in this strategy, there are existing or emerging strategies and plans which have their own governance mechanisms for delivery and monitoring. We will not create burdensome reporting mechanisms on top of these. However, we have developed a core set of high-level metrics for each of our priorities so that progress against intended outcomes can be properly monitored, with oversight through our Integrated Care Partnership and regular reporting to our Health and Wellbeing Boards. We will complement these impact measures with case studies that will bring to life the Strategy.

As we monitor our impact and hold ourselves to account for delivery of this strategy, we will also draw on stories and lived experiences from the people we serve, to understand where we are making a difference and where there is more to be done.


Measures of Impact