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latest additions to the personalised care resources for coventry & warwickshire

Here you'll find a simple list of new and udpated resources added to our personalisation pages and online repository.

Date Title          Description        Link
6.3.24 Children and Young People's Social Prescribing Toolkit Whilst the principles of delivering social prescribing to children and young people are the same as for adults, the methods of working with them are often very different.  The tolkit

How partnership working in Sefton is creating a person-centred approach to hospital discharge

Urgent care services in Sefton are working with the local voluntary, community, faith, and social enterprise sector to reduce hospital admissions, and enable safe, effective discharge. Case studies
19.2.24 LGBTQIA+ individuals are at higher risk of depression, suicide and substance use Item on the place of creative health and personalisation in care for LGBTQIA+ individuals Reducing health inequalities through personalisation
9.11.23 Social Prescribing Update November 23 Latest news, evidence, webinars News and Events
1.11.23 Social Prescribing Evaluation Showcase Online demonstrations of the impact of social prescribing Book your place 
1.11.23 Peter's Personal Health Budget Hear how Peter manages his quadraplegia using his PHB Hear Peter's story
25.10.23 C&W Personalisation Update How personalised care is supporting the reduction of health inequalities in C&W News and Events
24.10.23 Economic Evidence for Social Prescribing Review of 19 robust studies make the economic case for social prescribing in all health settings The Evidence for Personalised Care
20.10.23 Health Inequalities Conference Check out the Midlands Region Health Inequalities Conference 29.11.23 Health Inequalities Conference
19.10.23 Joe's Personal Health Budget Hear how Joe's PHB is allowing him to leave as full a life as he can Hear Claire and Joe's story
12.10.23 Reducing health inequalities through personalisation Evidencing how personalised care is interlinked with reducing health inequalities Reducing health inequalities through personalisation
20.9.23 Shared decision making in practice Video examples

How to embed Shared Decision Making - Happy Healthy Lives


Personalised care and support planning: a brief summary guide

New publication from NHS England Search our document library
15.9.23 PCSPs - design guidance Additional guidance on creating Personalised Care and Support Plans How to embed PCSPs
15.9.23 Latest Newsletters September's round of newsletters for personalisation  News and Events
6.7.23 Links to Training More roles added to the table of links to training resources Training for teams