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Workforce Training

All Coventry & Warwickshire colleagues across our health and care system have access to free online training and resources for introducing personalisation skills and for refresher learning. These are outlined below. More than 800 C&W primary and secondary care colleagues had completed online training by April 2023. 

We will shortly (summer/autumn 2023) be introducing skills development packages, with both 'off the shelf' and bespoke options available. We already have tools available to help individuals, teams and organisations identify the personalisation skills gap in their service and develop plans to address them. (Some are detailed below, and many more can be accessed using the drop down boxes at the bottom.)

1. What good looks like in a well-trained team and organisation

2. Steps to identify training needs across an organisation or team

3. Steps for managers to embed sustainable personalised care training in your team or organisation

4. Training opportunities for individuals

5. Where to find online training

6. More routes to training resources - by job role

7. Further support

8. Contact us


What good looks like in a well-trained team and organisation:

  1. Staff are supported to attend workshops and webinars on how to apply personalised care in their day-to-day practice.
  2. Staff are able to access support from the C&W Personalised Care programme and access website resources and toolkits.
  3. All clinical team members have an awareness of the importance of shared decision making and the six components of personalised care.
  4. All members of clinical teams have been trained in shared decision making and simplified communication techniques (such as 'teach back'), and are able to check whether complex information has been explained in a way that makes sense to people.
  5. All clinical team members demonstrably practice shared decision making and personalised care and support planning.
  6. There is a long-term programme in place to build shared decision making capability within the service workforce.
  7. Shared decision making and personalisation form part of every new member of staff’s induction.
  8. Shared decision making is recognised as an ongoing CPD need for clinicians.
  9. There is a Personalised Care Champion or Ambassador in your organisation and in Directorates.

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Steps to identify training needs across an organisation or team 

Use the Coventry & Warwickshire Personalisation Maturity Framework to:

  1. Benchmark where you, your team, service and organisation are now. 
  2. Identify your personalisation skills gaps and training needs. As well as being an essential element in the NHS Long Term plan and other national, regional and local strategies, personalised care is a requirement of professional codes, for all colleagues from AHPs to Consultants.
  3. For Primary Care, check those additional roles mandated for personalised care training.
  4. Review the Health Education England First and Advanced Practioner Roadmaps to identify additional roles requiring training in personalised care and to find links to appropriate training.
  5. Review the Skills for Care guide to Supporting and Developing the Workforce for Personalised Care.
  6. We recommend reviewing existing personalised care practice in your team. Some teams have recruited a facilitator to help them reflect on their existing practices and how they can strengthen these, including coaching for managers. There are a number of different options to consider, from two day Shared Decision Making team sessions to a series of shorter or longer sessions over an 8–12-week period. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
  7. Work with the Personalisation team to develop your training plan.

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Steps for managers to embed sustainable personalised care training in your team or organisation

  1.  Develop your own skills in leadership for personalised care.
  2. Support your staff to undertake personalised care training including eLearning - see below for sources of free training.
  3. Provide your team with access to support tools and resources from the C&W personalisation team.
  4. Attend managers’ personalised care workshops and webinars to maintain your own professional capabilities.
  5. Arrange regular reflection practice workshops for your staff to support their knowledge, skills, and application of personalised care.
  6. Include personalised care in goal setting objectives for individuals.
  7. Include personalised care in team meetings, discussions and action planning.

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Training opportunities for individuals 

  1. Undertake the eLearning modules: you have access to free personalised care training via the Personalised Care Institute and eLearning for Health to support and embed shared decision making, including:
    1. Core Skills
    2. Shared Decision Making
    3. Personalised Care and Support Planning
    4. Personalised Care and Support Planning (Maternity)
    5. Remote Consultations
    6. Leading Personalised Care as a Junior Doctor
    7. Personal Health Budgets
    8. For Care Coordinators, Social Prescribing Links Workers and Health and Wellbeing Coaches


What are the benefits of the free online training?

Coventry & Warwickshire staff who have undertaken the online training, either as an introduction to or as a refresher for, personalised care, have reported back on their experience:

“Good clear examples of shared decision making applied to personalised care in practical terms.”

“Effective way to highlight the core principles of personalised care in a very useful applicable way that relates to the reality of the job.”

“Personalised care is something that we work with every day with our patients but the training reminded me of the core objectives.”


Where to find online training

Online training is available for all the components of Personalised Care, including from:

Personalised Care Institute

In September 2020, the NHS launched the Personalised Care Institute to help staff involved in people’s health and care develop the knowledge and skills to support the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan and the Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care. Training and development opportunities take a variety of forms, from eLearning that can be undertaken at your own convenience, to face-to-face training, and a mixture of the two to support different learning needs.

eLearning for Health

Health Education England provides eLearning to educate and train the health and care workforce. ELFH eLearning programmes are developed in partnership with the NHS, 3rd sector and professional bodies, and can be accessed for free, 24/7 by health and care professionals. A full suite of personalised care training modules is available. 

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More routes to training resources by job role

  I am a... Resources
 Advanced Clinical Practitioner HEE Multi-Professional Framework
 Care Coordinator PCI Accredited Training
 Cancer Clinician in Primary or Secondary Care HEE & Macmillan PRosPer course
 Clinical Pharmacist in Primary Care Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
 Dietitian: First Contact and Advanced Practitioners  HEE Roadmaps to Practice
 First Contact and Advanced Practitioners HEE Roadmaps to Practice
 Frailty Practitioner: tailored training to meet breadth of practice Personalised Care Institute
 General Practice Assistant E-Learning for Health: Competency Framework and Training Programme
 Health & Wellbeing Coach PCI Accredited Training
 Junior Doctor Personalised Care Institute
 Maternity Practitioner Personalised Care Institute
 MSK: First Contact and Advanced Practitioners HEE Roadmaps to Practice
 Nursing Associates and Trainee Nursing Associates Skills for Health: Career & Core Capabilities Framework
 Occupational Therapist: First Contact and   Advanced  Practitioners HEE Roadmaps to Practice
 Palliative and End of Life Practitioner HEE End of Life Care for All Programme
 Paramedic: First Contact and Advanced   Practitioners  HEE Roadmaps to Practice
 Perioperative Care AMRC Helping Patients Make Informed Decisions
 Personal Health Budgets Personalised Care Institute
 Pharmacy Technician General Pharmaceutical Council
 Physician Associate Health Education England
 Physiotherapist (First Contact) Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
 Podiatrist: First Contact and Advanced Practitioners HEE Roadmaps to Practice
 Social Prescribing Link Worker Personalised Care Institute

























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Further support and information

We recommend teams spend time together reviewing their own practice and aspirations for how their service is delivered, thinking about how personalised care sits at the heart of this. Some teams have found reflective practice with a facilitator or coach helpful. We can signpost you to potential providers.

In addition to the free training resources available, teams are using CPD and other funding to support ongoing, in-depth training.

We will shortly be launching further development training opportunities for Coventry & Warwickshire health and care colleagues – for more information on this, please contact or complete the form below.

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