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the Coventry & Warwickshire ICS Personalisation Programme - our approach and how we can help you

Our ambition

Personalised care is all about giving people more choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered based on “what matters to them” and their individual strengths, needs and preferences. Our ambition is to achieve better experiences and health outcomes for people by embedding the six components of the universal personalised care model across our health and care services. We want this to be a hallmark of the care we provide and a shared ethos of all practitioners who are committed to shared decision making with people and patients.

As we collaborate more as health and care service providers to align what we do, personalised care means:

  • putting the care receiver at the heart of this integration and the centre point of a whole-system approach – ensuring “what matters to you” is listened to and understood.
  • continuity of care and an all-age approach from maternity and childhood right through to end of life, encompassing both mental and physical health.
  • a new relationship between care receivers and care providers.


Our approach

Personalised care is a thread through the ICS strategy, especially with its potential value in addressing health inequalities. That's because personalised care focusses on what matters to people, taking account of their circumstances, challenges and assets, and giving everyone the opportunity to lead a healthy life, no matter where they live or who they are.

We want to promote and embed a personalised care approach across our entire workforce, and reflect personalised care in our integrated care pathways and commissioned services across the Coventry and Warwickshire system. Our aim is to be clear about what this means for practitioners and providers and to empower individuals to be active and prepared participants in their own care.

To achieve this, we will raise awareness, identify opportunities, share and celebrate good practice; and track impact and benefits to create momentum and movement with:

  • each of our Trusts: SWFT, GEH, UHCW and CWPT.
  • each of our Place partnerships.
  • Primary Care.
  • our people/patients, supporting them to be ready to engage with shared decision-making conversations
  • our Social Care partners, to achieve further integration.
  • our local health inequalities programme.

We will: 

  • support Service and Primary Care Leads to identify opportunities to embed Personalised Care approaches in System services and pathways.
  • support our workforce with training in Personalised Care through eLearning and reflective practice sessions.
  • support Primary Care ARRs roles with a peer support network.
  • support our people and patients to share “what matters to them” in their health and care interactions – helping them navigate their health and care journey.
  • evaluate the impact for people, patients, staff and our System.
  • continue to promote the use of new technologies such as Proactive Care @Home to support our people at home and in care homes using self-directed support.
  • continue to adopt innovative models of care that can support a highly integrated and personalised experience of care – such as the PHM improvement programme with PCNs.
  • embed the philosophy and culture of the Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care in existing programmes and areas of focus for the System, in priority cohorts, and with Place partnerships.  This involves major transformative shifts – changing the way health and care staff work alongside people to deliver more Personalised Care and improve care outcomes.


What are we doing already? 

There is work underway already in the system, to develop a more consistent understanding of and set of practices around personalised care, and a strategy for how this is implemented across Coventry and Warwickshire. 

The C&W personalisation programme strategy and the ICS strategy set out the programme’s ambitions and approach for embedding personalised care across our system. We are working towards a universal service standard that builds in personalisation and is flexible enough to accommodate specific needs as well as more common ones. A key part of this will be how we better understand service access, patient experience and personal requirements.

Our Delivery Plan for 2023/24 is now published.


Embedding Personalised Care – what does this mean in practice?

You can find an outline approach which individuals, teams and organisations can take to embed each of the individual components of the Universal Model on the individual component pages

Our recommended first steps for health and care organisations embracing Personalised Care are:

  1. Review the operational planning guidance to identify priorities and opportunities for embedding PC.
  2. Use our Maturity Framework within Service Development plans, baselining where services are with personalising care and identifying an action plan for improvement - with supporting internal communications.
  3. Identify workforce training plans and priorities – there are free training resources which can also be supported with bespoke and facilitated training. 
  4. Develop an action and communications plan preparing patients for your fully personalised, person-centred approach to care, from shared decision making to best practice Personal Care and Support Plans.


Our Programme offer:

  • One to one advice and support on identifying which of the six components are relevant and appropriate for adopting.
  • Signposting to toolkits/resources/good practice.
  • Support workforce training plans.
  • Advice and information on evidencing impact and evaluating initiatives.
  • Webinars and workshops for specific topics.

We can work with you to identify where additional training and support could add value. We can support you to benchmark where you are now, and direct you to additional resources, toolkits and appropriate training. We can also help you produce bespoke materials for use with your teams and your patients. 

Where it can be of help to you, we can put you in touch with peers across the NHS who are working within the same or similar services, and who are either at the same stage of development or who are exemplars of best practice.


Additional resources for training, development, and working with patients:

These web pages have been created to guide you to training and resources to help you, your team and your wider organisation develop their skills and embed personalisation within professional practice.  Practical resources for working with our population are also provided. They are all free to access and download, as needed, and will be continually updated as new information arrives.

You will also find many online resources available through a range of organisations including:

NHS England - Personalised Care
FutureNHS Collaboration Platform

If you cannot find the resource or support you need within our pages, or you have suggestions for additional materials you think would be useful for our System, please tell us.


Our Governance

We are governed by a steering group comprised of senior colleagues across public health, primary and secondary care, local authority, and workforce. We report to the ICS Quality, Safety and Experience Committee. Our team is hosted by George Eliot NHS Hospital Trust but our Programme provides support System-wide.

Who’s who in the Team 

  • Jenni Northcote, SRO
  • Karen Higgins, Programme Manager
  • Laura Quirke, Project Manager
  • Kanika Khillan, Programme Support Officer


How to contact the C&W Personalisation Programme team:

Please email us at or use the Contact Form here, and a member of the Personalisation team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.