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What is Personalised Care? The Comprehensive Model

Personalised Care takes a whole System approach, integrating services including health, social care, public health and wider services around what’s important to the individual. It has a long history in social care where it is commonly called personalisation. In the NHS, new approaches and disciplines have been developed to form a new model called Personalised Care which at its best complements and enhances the way personalisation works in social care.

It is based on a universal model developed by NHS England and referred to as “The Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care”.  It is an all-age, whole population approach to Personalised Care. 

The NHS Long Term Plan expects personalised care to benefit up to 2.5 million people by March 2024, giving them the same choice and control over their mental and physical health that they have come to expect in other aspects of their lives. 

To achieve this requires a new way of working in the NHS, in which people have more options, better support and properly joined-up care at the right time. Most importantly, it means that people get an equal voice in planning the care they receive, and get support to manage their health and wellbeing, rather than just receiving treatment when they get ill.

It means a new relationship between people, professionals and the health and care System, shifting power and ensuring that people feel informed, have a voice, and are connected to each other and their communities. This animation explains the model:



The Principles of Personalised Care:

  • It starts with the principle of “what matters to you” as opposed to “what’s the matter with you?”
  • It’s about shared power and collaboration between people, families, and health professionals.
  • It enables people to have choice and control over their lives.
  • It moves people from being passive recipients of services to active citizens.
  • It is about getting a life, not a service.


The key aspects of personalisation:

Image from Personalisation for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities

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