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ICB Board Principles

We create an environment where we are always LISTENING to patients, citizens and each other, giving what we hear our full attention and committing to sharing open and honest feedback and knowledge.

We are always LEARNING and acting on what we hear, putting people first, thinking ahead, taking ownership and working collectively to do the right thing.

This means across the system we are LEADING by example, setting the direction and focusing on the outcomes we want for our population, steering how our system improves health and removes inequalities.

We will keep the needs and priorities of our citizens and patients at the front of our thinking.

We will demonstrate we put people first by:
Creating an environment where our citizens and patients share their stories and lived experiences
Listening to patients and citizens and making their feedback count
Being passionate abou t improving health outcomes and removing inequalities
Having a positive 'can do' attitude
Reaching out proactively to tackle inequalities

We will not:
Work in isolation or silos
Be out of touch with our citizen and patient needs
Fail to involve or draw on the experience of our citizens and patients.

We will check our understanding of each other and our intent, commit to honesty and openness.
We will be open & honest by:
Communicating consistently and transparently, having open and honest conversations
Giving our full attention and 'being present' for conversations
Being open to giving and receiving constructive and timely feedback with the intention of improvement
Proactively sharing knowledge and skills
Id entifying and celebrating successes
Leading by example, role modelling professional behaviour

We will not:
Demonstrate and role model negative and disruptive behaviour and allow negative behaviours to go unchallenged
Disregard the views and ideas of others that aren't similar to our own and discourage people for sharing their views
Create barriers that prevent effective engagements

We will stay focused on the strategic and cross-cutting issues that only we as a Board can tackle - 'steering not rowing'.
We will demonstrate we set the direction by:
Setting the direction, strategic plans, and priorities
Focusing on our vision and aims and striving to make them happen
Seek ing assurance on the delivery of plans and priorities

We will not:
Get into the operational detail
Set strategy that is short term and does not fully address the future outcomes
Get distracted by things we cannot collectively resolve
Undermine our priorities by failing to direct our resources accordingly

We will create a sense of moral purpose as well as collective responsibility, putting people at the heart of our decision-making process.

We will demonstrate we do the right thing by:
Focusing on our vision and having a collective understanding of our purpose 'why we are here, what we care about and why'
Taking personal and collective responsibility and ownership
Always looking for opportunities to work collaboratively to achieve more together
Doing the right thing for our citizens and patients
Learning when things do not go to plan

We will not:
Avoid taking responsibility for our actions
Blame each other when things go wrong
Take the 'easy' decision
Work in silos
Prioritise organisation before system by making financial decisions without considering the wider impact

We will ensure we remain focused on the impact for our populations - limiting excessive bureaucracy or process.

We will be outcome focused by:
Having clear outcomes for our populations
Championing continuous innovation and excellence
Anticipating problems and thinking ahead being solution focused
Striving to continuously improve
Doing what we say we will do
Accepting it's OK to take acceptable risks and do things differently

We will not:
Do things the way they have always been done and not to ask questions
Let bureaucracy get in the way of achieving the outcomes for our population.
Ignore issues that require resolution
Fail to communicate a clear vision
Hit the target but miss the point