Vaccinating healthcare staff

How will staff be offered the COVID-19 vaccine?

Staff are being offered the vaccine at the Hospital Hubs, within Coventry and Warwickshire. These are University Hospital Coventry, George Eliot Hospital and Warwick Hospital. 

Is it mandatory, and what happens if staff don’t want the jab?

There are no plans for a COVID-19 vaccine to be compulsory. Just as with the winter flu vaccine, local NHS employers will be working hard to ensure 100% of staff are able to get vaccinated, and that any concerns that staff have are answered. We are confident that the vast majority of our staff – as they do every year for the flu vaccine – will choose to protect themselves and their patients by getting the vaccine.

Who is vaccinating care home residents and staff?

This group are a high priority and every effort is being made to vaccinate them quickly and safely. This will be in the Hospital Hubs or at their work place for staff, or in their place of residence for residents.

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