The NHS knows the UK’s likely healthcare needs over the next five years.

Of course we are led by them - but our local needs are unique to Coventry and Warwickshire.

We are now working on a Five Year Plan which identifies key local priorities for the people of our area…and which will set out how we will address them.

Doctors and nurses; NHS and local authority leaders; elected councillors and members; the voluntary and community sector and patient groups are all helping to shape our Plan and are all supportive of its aims.

We all know that people’s lives are healthier and happier when the organisations who look after you work more closely together.

And, by doing so, we believe we can help prevent ill health, as well as treat it.

Of course our Partnership is here to help care for you whenever you are unwell.

But we can do that so much better if more people are also helping themselves.

We will be publishing our Five Year Plan here soon...so watch this space!